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PW1: New Year’s Day Dinner

  Happy New Year! Hopefully you are entering the new year with some great resolutions and goals for yourselves and let's just hope one of them is to eat good food! One of my resolutions I made was to cook my way through a cookbook to show respect for the chef who created it. And… Continue reading PW1: New Year’s Day Dinner


Blog Resolutions

It's December and many things come suit this month.┬áMany holidays, giving, and resolutions for the coming year fill our minds. I've been thinking about where I want to take my blog now since I've stopped traveling. I still want to incorporate my daily life and things I encounter but now that I'm not on the… Continue reading Blog Resolutions

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15 Actually Functional Kitchen Gadgets

I absolutely love my kitchen. I think it's one of the things I miss most about being home, aside from family of course. I have a stove-top and microwave in my hotel room, but there's no replacing a good old fashioned oven. There's also a grill at the hotel, but it's gas and I'd just… Continue reading 15 Actually Functional Kitchen Gadgets